How do I get noticed by the judges?

With so many amazing prizes on offer for the best dressed lady, you would be mad not to want to join in with the competition but what can you do to get noticed by the judges. Here are some tips that I feel have helped me to place in the top 10 best dressed on Ladies day.

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Remember to start with checking the dress code for the enclosure that you have chosen. Most grandstand and paddock areas tend to be very relaxed with their dress code but the premier enclosures usually have a formal or smart dress code. Personally, I think that stylish and classy is a must regardless of which enclosure you choose, you don’t want to be noticed for all of the wrong reasons (skirt too short, breast escaping etc).

Pick something that you like, whether you have a colour preference or a print that you like. Maybe you just know what cut and style suits you. Choose a hat and build your outfit from whichever key pieces you choose, remember to look at your outfit as a whole. Leading us nicely into the next point.

  • Think top to toe

The outfit is more than just the dress and the hat. You need to consider your shoes, bag, accessories and make up including your nails as these make up the whole package and this definitely gets you noticed. Its no good having a beautiful handbag and chipped nail polish.

Small elegant pieces of jewellery such as a classic pair of studs or dainty drop earrings and a single stone pendant necklace will work really well as you want the eye to be drawn to the main focus point which is usually the hat. Too much jewellery can be overbearing and instantly distracts from the overall look.

Do add accessories but try not to overdo it. Wearing a belt can be a great way to cinch in your waistline and accentuate a full skirt or show off an hour glass figure. Gloves are a great way to put that Race day stamp on an outfit. Think short lace or longer elbow grazing leather gloves with a beautiful vintage dress. I think this outfit worn by a young Queen Elizabeth would definitely get her spotted in 2018. This beautiful outfit with simple elegant pearls is a timeless look.

How’s this for inspiration?

queen elizabeth 1959

  • Be comfortable

Always wear something that you feel comfortable in, you will not make it past the scouts if you are constantly adjusting your hat, fiddling with your hemline or tugging at your bra strap. You need to own your outfit so buy something that fits, you need to be able to last all day and night!

The classic mistake is wearing shoes that are uncomfortable, break in your shoes first and always choose a height that you know you can walk and stand in, you will be spending most of the day on your feet.

  • Be punctual

In my experience the press and the scouts tend to be at the entrance to the course waiting to spot their best dressed ladies, the best photo opportunities are usually when there are less people around as the photographers have more time and patience to take the perfect shot at this time in the day. Don’t be afraid to ask to see your picture and remember to praise their work.

  • Be seen

Make sure you get your moment in the spotlight by going looking for it. Hiding in the corner never won anyone a fabulous prize. You need to have a potter around and mingle in the direction of the press and the scouts. There are thousands of other ladies trying to get the scouts attention so you need to forget hoping and go looking.

Practice how you will stand when getting your photograph taken before you leave the house so that you know how to make your outfit look amazing!

Me and chelsea 2016

  • Be confident and have fun

Style and confidence go hand in hand and what you wear is a reflection of how you feel. If you ooze confidence people will notice you and more importantly they will remember you. It’s less about what we wear and more about how we wear it. Have fun with your style and have fun on the day. Its the perfect opportunity to dress up and have a great day out with your friends.

No matter what you choose to wear, the judges will have their own taste and it’s not always about what’s on trend or what’s in fashion. Sometimes they just don’t have the same opinions as us. Many a time I have looked around at the beautiful outfits and thought she’s got to be in the top 10 but that lady is nowhere in sight when the finalist make their way to the parade ring for judging.

Lets face it the judges have a pretty tough job, the standards are unimaginably high. That said carefully choosing your outfit is still super important regardless because if you look good you feel good and that’s what a day at the races is all about, having your hard work recognised by the judges is just a lovely bonus.

Happy racing style ladies!


1 thought on “How do I get noticed by the judges?

  1. I love race day! Great tips xx


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